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Health care is on a collision course with patient needs and economic reality. In today's dysfunctional health care competition, players strive not to create value for patients but to capture more revenue, shift costs, and restrict services. To reform health care, we must reform the nature of competition itself. Redefining Health Care provides an overall framework for diagnosing and solving this immense problem, with detailed action steps for all participants in the health care system.

Brown Rice Can Prevents Diabetes

Incorporate the rice and other grains to the diet is a good idea because these foods appear to reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes, according to a recent study concluded.

Incorporate the rice and other grains to the diet is a good idea because these foods appear to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, new research found.

The study by Qi Sun, School of Public Health, Harvard (USA) found that replacing the rice for white rice, if only a bit per week down the chances of this metabolic disease. The findings were published in Archives of Internal Medicine.


Type 2 diabetes represents, according to World Health Organization, 90% of diagnosed diabetes worldwide. Its incidence increased much in recent decades and is considered an epidemic. This pathology is strongly associated with sedentary lifestyles and obesity, and is often triggered in adulthood. However, today has begun to be detected in young children.

Diabetes Could Be in The Bones

The bones appear to have a role in regulating blood sugar and could be the underlying cause of diabetes.


The skeleton has a role in regulating blood glucose and may be the underlying cause of diabetes, show two studies conducted in the United States.

Both studies discovered the role of a hormone derived from the bones called osteocalcin, and its link with insulin.

One study, conducted in mice, found that the breakdown of old bone, which occurs to allow new bone growth also helps maintain a healthy level of blood glucose.

And the link, say scientists at the Medical Center of Columbia University, is osteocalcin.

The researchers, who published the study in the journal Cell, believe the finding could lead to better treatments to control the global epidemic of type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Gerard Karsenty and his team had already shown in previous studies that osteocalcin may regulate glucose levels.

This hormone can “turn” the production of insulin in the pancreas, which in turn improves the ability of other cells to absorb glucose from the blood.

Health Care Management Science

Health Care Management Science publishes important articles that promote systems thinking, offer rigorous scientific approaches for solving tough health care problems, and address policy implications. The journal uses an interdisciplinary approach, covering such topics as productivity and operations analysis, information systems, financial management, strategic management, managed care, and systems dynamics.

Providing a single forum for researchers and practitioners of health care services and management, the journal fosters the development and exchange of new ideas and the discussion of important findings in the field. Moreover, it disseminates knowledge rapidly across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Health Care Quotes

    * Individual Health Insurance This is the main type of medical insurance purchased by people that do not have access to a group health plan through an employer. We help you find individual health insurance coverage at a price you can afford.
    * Group Health Insurance Despite increases in costs and the cutback of health-related benefits in recent years, close to 60% of Americans who have health insurance receive employer-based group medical benefits. Learn what to look for.
    * Student Health Insurance If you are a fulltime student between the ages of 17 and 29, this type of policy may be right for you. We provide health insurance quotes so that you can get decide what best fits your needs.
    * Medicare Supplemental Insurance This type of product is also known as Medigap insurance, it is a private health plan option designed to provide additional benefits above those offered through Medicare Part A and Part B.
    * Short-Term Health Insurance For those times when you are in transition, there is no need to put yourself or your family at risk. Acquiring this type of policy will help you be covered and provide you with the support needed should something unexpected happens.
    * Dental Insurance Dental plans are available for individuals, small businesses, and families. There are two main types of dental insurance: indemnity plans and managed care plans.

Handicap on Gathering the Local Public health Data

Health is something real important. That is why; we need to maintain it well, or if it was possible, we should be able to improve it. For some reasons, some of us want to improve the lever of the local health.

Surely, to be able to improve it, we should make sure that we could get many kinds of information about the local public health. But somehow, that efforts might not as smooth as it was planned.

There are some handicaps on the field. Gathering the local public health data wasn’t as easy as it was planned. In facts, for some privacy reasons, the local community prefers the keep the information.

State guides to health plans and health care quality

You'll also find information on the quality of health care in individual states. Each guide also gives you the opportunity to receive free, no-obligation health insurance quotes, complete with health insurance rates and plan details from competing health insurance companies.

Many states are seeking ways to tackle the problem of access to affordable health insurance plans on their own, and we look to health care reform initiatives on our state pages. We also have links to the contact forms for your elected officials, so you can easily lend your support, or offer alternative ideas.